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Lindsey Taylor Interior Design
Lindsey Taylor Interior Design
Lindsey Taylor Interior Design

Aim high: Making the best color choices for your vaulted ceiling

Picking a wall color is tough enough, but when you add a giant ceiling space and beams the choices become even more ...

room by Katie Lydon
wall color- Farrow and Ball Pink Ground

Pretty In Pink: Making a case for a controversial wall color

The look on someone's face when they enter a pink room...priceless. I feel like there is still hope though; maybe breast ...



If you like to go big when it comes to home décor, a wall mural might be perfect for you.   Wall murals in ...

brancusi sleeping muse

Going to Paris for A playdate with Brancusi

I wasn’t sure I would ever make it back to Paris. I am so excited to re-visit some of my favorite places, including the Brancusi Museum, with my family. I feel like Americans are lacking in their appreciation of sculpture. It’s not like France hasn’t tried…   In a lot ...

Christopher Deam via NYT

Daytripper: Interior musings on the road

While I don't spend a lot of time in the rental RV while we are on vacation, it still doesn't stop me from dreaming about interior makeover possibilities. I have seen a ton of great makeovers with older RV's. Simple, clean, and affordable upgrades can make your temporary retreat more ...


Shagreen and bear it: How this timeless texture can fit your décor

Am I late to the party on the Shagreen trend? It doesn't really matter; this classic material mixes well with any decade. Whether real or faux, the durability of shagreen makes it a good choice for tables or chairs. Some shagreen accessories are a bit steep in price, especially if ...


When dressing your room, clothing is optional

This past Christmas I gave my oldest son a pillow made from his favorite, but outgrown, knit sweater. How many treasured articles of clothing do you have stashed in your closet or attic space that would be perfect to show off in your home? image via Shart.com via belle and videre Everyone knows ...